Monday, November 1, 2010

Seeing is believing?

People are so naive aren't they. That includes me. It's even disturbing sometimes how superficial human can be. So easy to manipulate, so easy to be manipulated.

What you see is not always the truth. We assume, that's the easy way. Well that's the only way. No one can read minds. That's why people always say things like 'She looks like a nice person'. Huh.

They say the eyes can only see what the mind can see. Something like that. We only believe things that are in front of us. If I hide a fact about myself, others might even think that it doesn't even exist. It's so easy. For all you know I can even have an entirely different life out there.

I guess that is why people keep secrets. Not telling is almost as equal as non existent. People do all sorts of weird stuff in this world and they kept it a secret and the world will also think that there are no such things. Everybody wins.

But a well kept secret is better than a partial truth. People are scared of things they don't understand. Fear of the unknown. However that's an entirely different thing.


ksy said...

haha.. bak kata siti..
biarla rahsia

kay said...

haha.. bak kata siti..
biarla rahsia

Dreamy Damsel said...

siti? oh me? hehe. yea biarla rahsia