Saturday, February 27, 2010

A little confuse

I'm turning 22 soon. Still halfway through medical school. Live a routine life. Pretty ordinary. All laid out. Its just getting pretty boring.

I wanted to do something out of myself. Something big and important. Make a history or make a difference to the world. Well not really. Just something different than now. Make myself useful. You know, rather than just go to school, eat, weep over sappy movies and then sleep.

If only I could just quit everything right now and go somewhere else. Start from scratch and be someone. Well. That kind of life only works in movies. It's not that simple.

Just sometimes. How I really wish to be a I don't know a famous actress or a successful athlete or conquer the Everest or be the first Angsawanita (haha, there's no such thing) and travel to the moon. What I mean is I want to do something I really love and be really awesome at it.

Not that I'm not grateful with my life right now, but I just not living it to the fullest.

However. Come to think of I still can change the world with my life right now. I mean, it is just really up to me.

I want to write a book. Produce a movie. Be in a band. Create a video game. I want to be aggressive and impulsive. Be a voice of a cartoon character. Join a cosplay. Dance my heart out. Be a painter. Alright I'd better stop. xx

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Crumbs of worthless.

I'm awfully bored today and I just want to write something. So just let's talk about me~ wahaha.

First thing people say about me is I don't look my age and their guess would be much much younger than I actually am. Which I'm grateful and sometimes not. The good thing is I look young but because of that people are skeptical of me. I always need to show my license during a roadblock and patients frequently ask my age.

I don't like to socialize unnecessarily. Only do when I really need to. But I still love human company though.

My whole life I've always been average never the best. Always kinda good but not good enough. Be it sports, studies or looks.

I'm great in masking my feelings. I just don't like people to bother. But the thing is I just don't know how to express it.

I'm highly dependent to my laptop. Would literally die of boredom without it. I love computers. I love internet. I think that we could learn everything from the internet and they are zillions of talented people we can find out there.

Really wish for a powerful laptop and super-fast internet.

I love photoshop too. But still can't really be awesome with it. Would love to learn about all those adobe softwares and others.

I love my D60 but I'm not sure about photography because it pisses me of most of the time. Still can't get a hold of it and it costs too much.

My spelling sucks. Thank goodness for those red underline that appeared every time I spelled wrong. If only they can correct grammar too.

I used to hate pink very much. But now I really don't know anymore.

I grew up with video games, books and a lot of TVs. My dad raised me halfway like a boy. He thought me all about football, brought me to his rugby practices, introduce me the computers since the age of four and bought me lots of books. But that was all when he was once.

I skipped schools, shoplifts and get into fights but that was like years ago.

Lazy is my second nature, procrastination is my hobby.

I always thought most people are lame because I thought I'm cool. haha. No I just really hate pretentious people. Which almost everyone is, including me.

I love sneakers but I love heels too. That is bothersome because there's too much to want. But my brother would really brings out my shopping desires.

Currently had an massive infatuation over Jang Geun Suk :D but I love my buney dearly.

Too much unnecessary information. Really manage to kill the time. Oh2. Harini dapat 'mangkuk' dari Mr. Jun. haha.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When he's from venus and I'm from mars

Or in other word he is more of a girl than I am. I'm not saying this blindly but you'll see why.

1. He has more girl best friends than I do. Not comparing to the number of guy best friends that I have (which is none, haha, anti social) but compared to the number of my girl best friends. Yeah. Seriously. It's like part of a deal or something.

2. He spends more time looking at the mirror than I am. Especially with his new hair.

3. He shops a lot. Will always find a reason to buy things. Be it some kind of clothing, camera, sports or computer stuffs. The first thing that he spots at a mall is the SALE sign. But good thing about it he always got a good buy. At a very good price. But when he had an eye for one thing, he won't stop talking about it until he gets it.

4. He cares and he thinks. Which are the things that I don't really like to bother. He thinks too much sometimes it makes him really miserable.

5. He is always the one who do the talking, always initiates 'the talk' while I ran away from it.

6. He's deep and complicated and I'm superficial.

7. He notice little things about people while I'm like Oh really?

8. He's like very articulate and neat, but I'm a little all over the place. uh.

9. He's the drama queen. Haha. No he is just more sensitive. He does things that are out of your minds when he is emotional while I usually just sit and act like nothing happen

hmm. could have done better.

But then, he's a guy alright, he forgets and can be as ignorant as any other guys too. and yeah, I sounded kinda lousy.

Oh well. I guess maybe when everyone came to earth they just.. evolved. :D