Sunday, September 26, 2010

The choice is yours.

Life is full of choices. Most of the times life sucks because of our own decision. From what I know there's two ways to live a life.

The easy way or The right way.

But both will give you the same result.

Someone might think it would be wise to the live life the easy way. Most of the time I will opt for the easy way, easy means fast. But easy can also mean wrong. Most of the time the easy way is the one lazy people chose. Easy example would be like cutting a long queue. Its easy, fast and you'll get just what you want. But you'll get other people angry too and just imagine if everyone did the same thing. It'll be chaotic and rules exist for a reason.

The right way usually chose only by the righteous. I usually chose this when it won't cost me too much trouble or I'm simply in a good mood. The good way will also get you to the things you want, maybe a littler slower but it'll clear your conscience and everyone will be happy.

I always thought that the easy way would be like using the expressway, its fast but you'll have to pay but the right way will be like using the daily driveway slow but you'll get there eventually.

It the end, the choice is always yours but it's just that the end doesn't justify the means. Its pretty boring. I don't know just something to ponder.