Saturday, February 21, 2009

Best of both world

In the last couple of weeks I have to find an alternative means of entertainment, so I read novels. Intensely until my eyes are buldging out. Ah. tipu. What I want to say is about my last two novels. I picked the novels through the authors but random titles. I didn't even bother to read the synopsis. It turns out that both of them have almost similar themes. It's about some culture/lifestyle in Christian community.

The first one is about the nuns in the Cistercian convent. They have the strickest rules of all types of convent. Once they enter the place they can't never leave. They lived in silence. Which they believe would give them serenity. The sisters spend their day by saying prayers five times a day. They couldn't talk to each other. They shouldn't even make eye contact, they need to low their gaze at all times. During meal time no sister can seat next to each other consecutively. Any kind of friendship is forbidden and they only eat for needs not pleasure. The only contact they could make is to their leader and least words are used, they communicate through ancient sign languange. Bizarre.

The next on is about the Amish community, or so they call themselves the Plain People and the common people as Englishers. They live in a very conservative way. No phones. No TVs. No electricities unless really needed. They used buggy for transportation, it is a horse drawn vehicle. Least technologies are used as it will tempted them to the outside world. Clothes that they sew for themselves using only pins. Their clothes should not call any attention in color, cut or any other features. Education is not much higher than eighth grade, which is sufficient in Amish lifestlye. Their goal is not stand up in the community but to blend, to be as similar as they can be with each other. The concept of Amish practice are the rejection of pride (Hochmut), high value of humility (Demut) and also submission (Gelassenheit). They speak in Dutch, as their origin is Swiss. Their restrictions are not for suffering, some exceptions are permissible when needed.

What both of them have in common despite being a devoted Christian is that they seclude themselves from the outside world. To be protected from the world's temptations. I don't know why I'm writing this. I just adore their devotions but I don't agree in being extreme. Well, as muslims we believed that we should balance every aspects of our lives. Between the world and the here-after. And I think that's just harder, to get the best of both world.

I only write something trivial and simple about these communities. Wanna know more google up yourself~ Oh, and I'm sorry if there are any mistakes, didn't know any better. They just amaze me. :D

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Scibbling away~

I recently noticed that I like to write. Though mostly to myself and most of them are craps. But it helps, sort of, to channel my feelings and it does makes me feels better. It's like talking to someone but you're not being judge.

I write things that would took me a great deal of effort for me to say. If you want to get to know me or want to know what I think of you, just ask me to write to you. I could be a cold monster but I can also give you diabetes for being too sweet. Whichever I want. *Exaggeration alert*

I tend to get emotional when I write. Writing here, I had to pay the price. It fascinates me how people could qoute what I wrote, assume, make conclusion and sometimes give answers to my own dillemmas. Eventhough I only have a handful readers and most of them are my friends(including those anonymous and those people with sophisticated nicknames), it made me realize that words have powers. But words are also permanent. I might delete some things that I've wrote, but once it has made an impression it can never be the same.

Writing and talking are not the same. Atleast I would like to assume that. Yes. Both uses words. When we write we have all the time in the world to think of our next sentence but when we are talking, it is rather more spontaneous. I don't know but I think it depends on the person. Some people could charm others with only a few words but to some people their world could turn into hell once they speak.

But words are interesting. It depends on how people use it. It can be beautiful. It can be extremely hideous. Words are use to describe other words, like in a dictionary. A long sentence and a short sentence can convey the same message but maybe to a different level of understanding.

I'm babbling and I don't care. I just miss my blog so much~! :D