Saturday, June 26, 2010

Money Honey

Take a piece of paper and print a face of an old guy on it - there you go, you got the most powerful piece of paper in the world, or also known as money.

First, everyone needs it. Like really need it. I mean, our whole life is pretty much about money anyway. See, when we grow up we need to go to school, collect as much as A's that you can and go to the university take the toughest course and maintain your grade there too. So that we can get a job that pay a lot money, then work for half of your life just to buy food, save for the old days. and if we live long enough we can retire and spend it for medical expenses or if not maybe die while working.

I love money and who doesn't? You know some people say money is not important, it can't buy certain things you know like love. I know that. But then with money, there is one less problem to be worried with. Both rich and poor has problems right? So it's better be rich and has problems.

About love, I don't know, there are lot of rich people experience love too and not all poor people are happily in love. So, it is just a matter of luck. Oh and my mummy always has this theory, rich people are mostly good looking. You know why, because when the guy is rich he can get beautiful girls and so their offspring would turned out kinda pretty too.

The thing about money is that it is evil. People do all sorts of thing for money. Apart from everyone needs it, everyone also wants it. And it will never be enough. But the truth is money always made its way through worse because if not how can a rubber tapper supports a family of seven with income of rm500 per month. Of course the rubber tapper would say it's not enough but students who get more than rm5000 scholarship every six months also said their money is not enough. :D

p/s - In a very paranoid mood, I'm going crazy. -.-" Oh, I passed my exams!!
- pic - duit rm50 yg penuh dgn sellotape, utk jadi bentuk love. :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Last week was revision week. It was depressing and lonely. There's nothing much to do rather than study. Except that everything else feels much more compelling than study. So I kinda stare at my laptop most of the times. There was one time the electricity was out and I got really freaked out, luckily we were going to the ward so when we got back everything was fine.

I don't talk. The two people I wanted to talk to were kinda busy with their own life.

So.I fed my restaurant city's employees every 4-6 hrs, which is more than I fed myself, the food here sucks.

I watched tonnes of youtube videos. I love the wongfu productions - they are awesome. Community Channel - She's hillarouos. There's this Gavin Hoey guy, is pretty awesome too, he teaches about photoshop and photography, very basic things but I kinda like him.

The website the oatmeal, is kinda fun too. It suppose to be funny and annoying and rude at the same time. But I enjoyed it. I love his post about the angler fish. haha. Awesome.

I logged in to deviantart everyday. Post at forums and admiring other peoples arts and obsessing about my pageviews everyday.

I read one piece until chapter 60 but then I got bored, because the page load was so slow.

I watched Grey's anatomy for how many millions times. I don't know.

My relationship turns one and a half year last week. That's pretty cool.

I went to watch K.A.P.O.W.W Atoi the Ajaib Boy! Yeah. People don't believe me.

I listened to the same playlist over and over again. So I got bored easily, I ended up downloading few songs everyday. Ingrid Michealson's new songs are kinda awesome. David Choi music's melts my heart.

Now, it over. Holidays begin~! I don't know about my exams. I won't be surprise if I failed, because it's Internal Medicine. Plus I still get to go to fourth year next week.

**pic-first wedding photography,tag along musran

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Everybody, eventually

If you were given a choice, how long would you want to live? A split second answer might be forever. But if you think closely you might don't want it.

Everyone is afraid of death. People use all of their might to keep on living, even though their life might be as suck as hell. Maybe not literally. But why are we afraid of it. In my religious belief I have solid reasons why to be afraid. But others, I don't know. Because some of them believe that when we die we will all go straight to heaven, if that's the case why got scared? Well, I think because we don't what will happen after we die and you have to go through it alone. Nobody has live through it and tell the stories to others.

Being immortal sounds fun. Just because you won't die. But then in all of the fictions they all can't die but also remain young. You know like all those pretty vampires. Maybe that's okay. Still, you'll get pretty lonely and maybe a little bored. But if we are immortal and turn old, I don't think anyone would want that. Could you imagine how ugly you'll look if you are 1000 years old, I'll be like come on kill me already.

So, if you got the chance to choose the age you'll die, what will it be?

At the age of 40 they said life has just begun. 50, hmm, maybe you thought you haven't live enough. At 60 usually when all the diseases starts coming in. Well, maybe 60. Because at 70 you'll be kinda too old to do much. I wouldn't want to live until I'm all sick and bedridden, poop on diapers and all. Because that's pretty much not a life anymore.

But the scariest thing about death is that it come unannounced. It could be anytime, anywhere and anyone. You know, even the most powerful leader in the world who are being protected 24/7 can simply die of choking a fish bone, for example. Not so powerful after all isn't it?