Saturday, June 19, 2010


Last week was revision week. It was depressing and lonely. There's nothing much to do rather than study. Except that everything else feels much more compelling than study. So I kinda stare at my laptop most of the times. There was one time the electricity was out and I got really freaked out, luckily we were going to the ward so when we got back everything was fine.

I don't talk. The two people I wanted to talk to were kinda busy with their own life.

So.I fed my restaurant city's employees every 4-6 hrs, which is more than I fed myself, the food here sucks.

I watched tonnes of youtube videos. I love the wongfu productions - they are awesome. Community Channel - She's hillarouos. There's this Gavin Hoey guy, is pretty awesome too, he teaches about photoshop and photography, very basic things but I kinda like him.

The website the oatmeal, is kinda fun too. It suppose to be funny and annoying and rude at the same time. But I enjoyed it. I love his post about the angler fish. haha. Awesome.

I logged in to deviantart everyday. Post at forums and admiring other peoples arts and obsessing about my pageviews everyday.

I read one piece until chapter 60 but then I got bored, because the page load was so slow.

I watched Grey's anatomy for how many millions times. I don't know.

My relationship turns one and a half year last week. That's pretty cool.

I went to watch K.A.P.O.W.W Atoi the Ajaib Boy! Yeah. People don't believe me.

I listened to the same playlist over and over again. So I got bored easily, I ended up downloading few songs everyday. Ingrid Michealson's new songs are kinda awesome. David Choi music's melts my heart.

Now, it over. Holidays begin~! I don't know about my exams. I won't be surprise if I failed, because it's Internal Medicine. Plus I still get to go to fourth year next week.

**pic-first wedding photography,tag along musran


*shine* said...

when i think of it,i really do follow your so happened that whenever i online,new post add its kinda nice and funny.and i learnt that many 'quiet' person speaks alot in a blog. :) a chance to hear their thoughts. but anyway,nice picture-first class!

Dreamy Damsel said...

:D. thnks for following. diam2 ubi berisi. hahah

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