Friday, January 29, 2010

White coat strollers

Medicine is awesome. That's what I think. I mean all the stuff that we have been studying during the pre-clinical years actually do come true. They do, just like in the textbook. So, we will be kinda get excited with stuff that others think is nothing or completely ridiculous. Talk medical jargon as daily basis. Joke about something only few people will understand and finds it funny.

When we are in the ward all we need to do is clerking and sometimes physical examinations. Its fun actually, it's like a guessing game. Try to diagnose a disease by asking just the right questions. However, we are dealing with people, to do that I think we need an air of superiority around us. Just a little, not until its demeaning. Just enough so people will actually response and obey you because they are sick so sometime they are not in the mood to talk. Which I find most of the final years students have and some of the third year students. But I don't or maybe yet to discover.

You know, to us. Even poking a finger into someone's anus can be intriguing.

In medical world, you put everything into short forms. New posting, new short forms. Say, now I'm in surgical posting, I learned - ESWL, IVU, IO, SIRS, CVP, CBD, SPC and so much more. Even the most ridiculous meaning like E/A - electively admitted or TTO kot - to transfer out. Some short forms might means different to a layman, for example to my sister GBS is geng bas sekolah but to us its Gullian-Barre syndrome. PR can means public relation but it also means per rectal.

Being called stupid is like a routine.

Being young and brilliant is basically nothing. But the older you are the cooler. Because medicine is measured by experience and skills. The longer you practice means that you've seen more. Because sometimes two patients with the same disease can come with a whole different presentation. Or sometimes in different severity.

What's common is common. It's true I guess. That's why patient with a rare disease can be a celebrity among us. :D

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This is my mummy. Or I called her ibu. I tell u, she's a lady. She can cook well, sew and knit amazingly, a thoughtful hostess and very well mannered. Well, that actually compared to me. I don't know what happen, but all those genes seem to just skipped me. Uhh. I'm nothing like her. Physically there might be some resemblances but not more than that I think.

But apart from that she's also very strong. Given the things she has gone through. I know she really love and care about us. Very protective. She spoils us but not materialistically. I admit. I'm very dependent to her. You know, in doing adult stuff, like going to the bank, phone bills, renewing license and all.

I must tell you, she was an excellent athlete. Up to the state level. Lumba Lari. huu. Had tons of medals and trophies. But, up until now, she seems to be good in every sports she involved. Now, at office level bowling. And already had lines of trophies.

Letting her down is my biggest fear. I tried to live my life up to her wishes though sometimes I disappoint her. But most of the times if I were to do something she wouldn't approve I'll usually don't tell her or simply lied. Uh. If only she knew. When I believe what you don't know won't hurt you. I know. That's wrong.

Recently, I did disappoint her. Even made her cried. I would blame the circumstances. And of course myself. But. At that everything didn't turned out well. And she said one time when she really needs me, I let her down. I didn't mean to, but the situation looks like I did. But we are fine after that. Hopefully.

My little sister is her little obsession, but then when she went to boarding school my mum seems to lost her way.

She's the best. Always have my best wishes for her. And I might not say this out loud to her. But, I love her. :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


New isn't always great
Old isn't always wise
But all we can do is keep moving foward
So, yeah. Happy New Year~

The swans say hi~
Pic by nawfal. Dipakse suh mention nih.