Thursday, May 6, 2010

They say it's blind

I've been watching a lot of Ellen Degeneres lately, I know she has been married to a girl. Portia De Rossi to be exact but I've never seen they together before until now. You know, when I finally see them together I thought they look really in love and sweet. I mean is it really possible? for you to love someone of the same gender as you.

Would you call it love? You know, as they define it like those classical love of a boy and a girl we grow up watch.

I'm not against it or anything, but I just can stand to accept it. I mean for the Americans. But the thing is, what an American does, the world follows. That's bothersome, especially all those stupid Malaysian kids who would do anything they saw on TV.

I've tried to be okay with it but then too much things come into my mind. It's like two same poles of magnets put together.

Later on, I found out that Adam Lambert is gay too. (I know,kinda late) That disappointing. Even Barney from how I met your mother is gay. uh.

If everyone is gay, especially those talented and good looking ones, who's going to produce the next generation of gay. I know they like to adopt children from a heterosexual couple or a surrogate mother or a girl who got knocked up and sane enough not to throw it away in the dumpsters like a baby is a complementary gift of bad relationship.

I don't know maybe that's why they say love is blind.