Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Have any?

What drives you to get up in the morning? You know apart from Subuh prayer and daily responsibilities. Have you found your purpose of life? People have been telling me to work like you'll live another thousand years and pray like you'll die tomorrow. I know our 'ultimate' purpose of life. For all I know I could die in the next hour. But, I think haven't find my own purpose of life. You know most of the days I just live, because there's not much left to do anyway.

Most people might say they live for their loved ones. For their spouses and children but rarely people live for their parents. Anyway, I was at the clinic today and I never met a guy who was so happy to know that his two-month-old child has just gained 900 grams body weight in a month. Some might say they live for their dreams, passion and all. I don't know, I always heard all this from movies and dramas from around the world. Few of us really live for God. Most of us want to, but a very few people will.

But I think a whole lot of us didn't have any purpose at all. They just follow what comes in front of them and keep on living. Don't you think?

or maybe it's just me.

I also think it's a good thing to have dreams. I don't know. I just realize it actually. However, by just dreaming doesn't mean we'll get it but it is so much better than not to dream at all.

Oh well. Having all these purposes and goals and dreams is just to keep ourselves occupied with life. No matter how high or how low our life have been, its gonna end anyway. Soon. And we can't never do anything about it. fuh.


*shine* said...

purpose and dream?i always tot its a different thing.one what u shud do and other u want to.somehow..i think when we think of life..its gna make us appreciate more.if i think about end...really..but its fact.ups and downs.anyway..seems to me that ur not been so happy lately..whats up?relationship?haha

Dreamy Damsel said...

i don't know. i just hate it when i get used to certain things. when everything is so predictable.

Jumper said...

haven't read ur writings in a while but this one caught my eye.
to know what you want out of life...
you would think its the first step to living, then, is life about having what you want...or wanting what you already have... ;)