Monday, August 23, 2010

Benjamin Button in reverse.

Last few weeks I went to an old folks home. I had the chance to talk to some of them and they were all very cheerful. Most of them are in their 70's. Playing my role, I took some pictures and immediately showed it to them and to my surprise they were very excited and their reactions was just like the reaction of my three year old cousin.

It reminds me, someone once said. Old age is the second childhood.

This fact has been stuck in my head since then and I still haven't been proven wrong. The more I think about it, the more alike they become.

When incontinence comes, we start wearing diapers.
Wheelchair is the golden age version of walker and stroller.
When we can't swallow, we back to drink milk maybe not from a bottle but feeding tube.
And need to be fed every few hours.
We need 24-hours surveillance, because we can't just take care of ourselves.
Some even back to sleep in a cot, maybe not as colorful as before but still serves the purpose.
We lost our articulation.
People don't take you seriously anymore.
Little things amuse you.
People are easily amaze when you accomplish something. Because we are back to the (re)learning phase, but not as smart.

The only difference is that babies are cuter.


opi said...

"Little things amuse you". cam penah dgr je ayat ni.

Dreamy Damsel said...

dari mane?