Friday, December 31, 2010

Let me free.

In between my brain and my mouth there's a really huge boulder that stands in its way. Because my mouth rarely says what my brain actually want to say. Its freaking ridiculous.

It's like when someone ask me. 'are you mad at me?' my brain would be filled with all these thoughts like how exactly I feel and why I feel that way. But my mouth would eventually said 'NO, I'm fine' or sometimes at its laziest day it would resort to 'I don't know' or even worse the mouth will turn its MUTE mode on and the answer would be silence..

The mouth tend to filter every thought that the brain produced, just because it was too scared. The brain usually parties but the mouth hides it.

I just wish there is something out there that can translate my brain.

Because sometimes when my mouth try hard enough, it will came out with a few sentences but it would be nothing like what my brain just thought and the situation will be all screwed up.

Because of the fear, the mouth also lose the ability to ask. The brain will have too many questions unanswered and it will make stupid assumptions until the brain goes cuckoo.

I don't know. I usually end up discontented. Feeling like I held so many things in my head that it could explode anytime. I'll end up hating everyone around me including myself.

So tired.


in.need.of.light.desperately said...


from Prophet saw:
“The world is a prison for a believer and Paradise for a non-believer.”[muslim]

a believer is only free in the akhirah..

only Allah's mercy can save all of us..and Allah indeed the Most Merciful..

the angels or si tumnus?

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